Behind The Scenes; Adventures with Lizzy James Wrap Bracelets!

With Spring in full-swing and Summer right around the corner, it is officially road trip/adventure season!


Where will you take your Lizzy James wrap bracelet? Share your unique story with us!


As many of you know, I love the outdoors and exploring new places! Whether I am keeping it casual on a road trip or glamming it up for an evening adventure, I always have a wrap bracelet to compliment my look!



Who doesn't love a magical field of flowers to frolic through? 



To complete this "Flower Field Frolic" look, I am wearing the Mini Mariah on one wrist, the Stacked Joy Bracelet Set with Wisdom and Sweetheart Bracelets on my other wrist, and wearing the Lizzy Classic Silverplate 4 Strand as a necklace.



Anytime I am on the road with my husband Joe and our furry bff Bear, we always will stop for scenic views! Setting aside an extra hour or two on a drive, makes it so much more fun and exciting!



Living in California means there are so many different landscapes to check out! From the forests to the deserts, and from the beaches to the mountains, we really have it all! Every place has their own unique history and stories, just like us. California, along with the rest of the USA makes for great exploring!


I love the way flowers can just add that perfect pop of color to our world! Just the way any of my wrap bracelets can add the pop of color or shine to my favorite outfits!

Here I have added a touch of color and shine with my Mini Addison Braided Wrap in SilverplateMini Maxi Braided Leather Wrap, and Kennedy Choker Necklace.

Always stopping for a pretty river view along Avenue of the Giants in Northern California, a stunning 31-mile scenic drive just 5 hours north of San Francisco and 2 hours south of the Oregon border.

Here I am wearing some brand new Lizzy James styles! I am wearing the beautiful Taylor wrap bracelet along with the Kennedy Choker and I have it stacked with a few JOY by Lizzy James Adjustable Bracelets

Stay Tuned for more behind the scenes adventures. And don't forget to share your Lizzy James looks and styling with us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!

Happy Adventures! Happy Shopping!

-Emily, Lizzy James Blog Editor