How I Have Made My Wrap Bracelet Last Over The Years

The Boho Silverplate  shown in natural black leather.

The Boho Silverplate shown in natural black leather.

With proper care, you can keep your Lizzy James wrap bracelet in great condition for many years to come! My first wrap is going on 2 years old now.

There are 3 very simple things I have done to keep my wrap in top condition over the years. Caring for your wrap bracelets is very easy, and takes little to no effort, another reason why I love this artisan jewelry. I’ve added bits from Lizzy James FAQ care information which can be read in full here, but I’ve also broken it down for you below.

Wearing my first Lizzy James wrap bracelet,  The Boho .

Wearing my first Lizzy James wrap bracelet, The Boho.


1. No Water.

It is great for you, but not your artisan jewelry. Would you wear your favorite pair of leather boots in the pool or shower? Most likely not. You definitely wouldn’t wash your favorite leather purse in the sink with hand soap either. I like to think of it this way when caring for my leather wrap bracelet.

“Please do not wear your bracelets in water.  Please remove your Lizzy James jewelry before bathing, swimming, hot yoga class, exercise etc.  And as much as you may love them, please don’t shower with them!  Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products.”


This doesn’t mean you have to choose between your wrap bracelet and perfumes/beauty products.

The "Lived-In" look on the  Boho Wrap .

The "Lived-In" look on the Boho Wrap.


TIP: Simply apply where it will not come in contact with your wrap. So if you are wearing your wraps on you wrists that day, apply perfume to the neck area only, and only put lotion on your legs and face that day. Make sure there is no leftover products/oils on hands when putting on your wrap too. That can be easily forgotten.


2. No Polishing or Jewelry Cleaner.* 


Hey that doesn’t sound too bad, the best maintenance is doing nothing. *(for silverplate/goldplate)


“Do not polish goldplate or silverplate, and do not use any jewelry cleaner, as this will accelerate the wearing away of the anti-tarnish coating and the plating. 
As for the metal, the silver plate crescents will not tarnish or turn black, but they will patina over time.”
“The silver plate and gold plate will patina with age, which is a normal reaction with skin and air.  Mixed metal beads - depending on how much you wear your wrap - may also patina or attain an earthy copper tone over time, creating a beautiful hue.”


“The most popular finish is our silverplate.  Why?  It is both a fashion statement and is affordable.”


The “lived-in look” is achieved over time when these natural changes happen. I think this really completes the vibe for my silverplate Boho wrap. I have had one bead slowly change to a more earthy copper tone and I call it my “lucky” bead. It’s very pretty; I would be okay if that happens to more of the beads too someday. :]


If you are a girl who likes to shine all the time, I recommend the Sterling Silver Collection if you are willing to polish when needed. (Genuine Sterling Silver will tarnish over time) I have had my Caroline Wrap for about 8 months now, I have only had to polish once, and it always looks great! This last tip coming up has a lot to do with this too…



“We appreciate the crescents' patina because it gives the bracelet a natural relaxed organic look.  If you prefer the look of your piece to continually shine then we recommend our sterling silver collection, which can be polished to near perfection.“

Don’t like to polish, but still want constant shine? Try the Stainless Steel Collection. Thicker leather and crescents, these wrap bracelets will hold up with no polishing!


3. Rest. 

Just like you, your wrap bracelet needs beauty sleep!


“We know you're going to LOVE your Lizzy wrap and will want to wear it everyday.  But please resist the urge!  Just like your favorite pair of shoes, or your favorite t-shirt, you should allow your wrap to have periods of non-wear. This will help lengthen the life of your bracelet and will keep it looking fabulous for as long as possible.”


Lizzy James Traveling Tip:

“Use a soft fabric pouch if you don’t have enough room for a jewelry box with a hard exterior.
Jewelry should be stored in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.  So if you have jewelry sitting next to your bathroom sink, consider moving it to another room.”


I keep my wraps in a dry place in my bedroom, usually stored in their soft Lizzy James pouches. I still get compliments every time I wear them, and they have no clue I have had them so long.


I hope this 3 easy tips can help you wraps last many happy, healthy years!


-Emily, Lizzy James Blog Editor