Mediterranean Summer By Lizzy James

Welcome to the 2019 Summer Collection!

“I Love the brilliant blue water of the Mediterranean...particularly when rustic, European architecture dots its coastline. The cobblestone streets are filled with welcoming cafes and charming shops that still exude traces of the old world. After the perfect sunset, the night sky fills with countless stars, whose reflections happily dance on the calm sea below. I was truly inspired to impart many special moments into my summer collection, so I could share this immense beauty with you. The collection has three assortments— inspired by the enchanting port cities of Santorini, Naples and Barcelona.”

Welcome to my Mediterranean Summer.

- xo, Lizzy

Our First Destination … Santorini, Greece

“Whiteeashed walls and colbalt rooftops are the perfect compliments to the truest and bluest water I’ve ever seen. While snorkeling, I discovered the marine life surrounding the island is plentiful and spectacular. These vivid attributes of Santorini inspired this water-themed assortment.”

Next Stop… Naples, Italy!

“There are many gardens is this beautiful coastal town that are as cheerful as its buildings. Marble-tiled walkways, ornate glass shops and wisteria canopies are some of my inspiration in this colorful assortment.”

Off to… Barcelona, Spain!

“This international city by the sea is where traditional meets ultra-modern in refreshingly unique design. Stone cathedrals, geometric skyscrapers and rose gold sunsets were my muse for this Barcelona assortment.”

Enjoy this Mediterranean escape from where-ever you may be. With the beautiful colors and designs you will feel the Mediterranean beauty from anywhere in the world! Shop the whole Summer Collection!

Happy Shopping!

-Emily, Lizzy James Blog Editor