Two Easy DIY Gift Ideas!

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Buying gifts for everyone in your family can be a daunting task. To help, we've put together three easy and fun to make gifts that are easily personalisable for friends and family!

Cookie Gift Boxes


Who doesn't love cookies? These boxes of chocolate chip happiness are the perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or any time of the year surprise!

1. Gift boxes or bags
2. Twine or ribbon
3. Cookie sheet
4. Tin foil/parchment paper/non-stick spray
5. Homemade or premade cookie dough (we opted for the classic Toll House Chocolate Chip)
6. Spoon 

Begin placing your cookie dough on the cookie sheet as directed by the recipe. Make sure to preheat your oven so the cookies can begin baking as soon as you have completed this step! 


Once your cookies have finished baking, place them neatly into your boxes or bags. Tie the top of the container with twine to finish your adorably delicious gift! 

Holiday Mug

A mug is the perfect gift - functional, cute, and cozy! Learn how to customize your own below. 

You will need:
1. Plain white mug
2. Sharpies in your chosen color
3. Paper or tracing paper & pencil for drawing package

Drawing your design on your mug in Sharpie. If you make a mistake, wipe the marker away with water and a wet paper towel. 
Once your design is complete, place the mug in the oven while the oven is cold. Then, preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and allow the mug to bake for 30 mins. 
Voila! A beautiful, original mug!