Easter Day Activities!


It is a beautiful day to spend time with loved ones and celebrate!


Can’t go wrong with an Easter egg hunt!


How many Eggs can you spot? Hint: 2 are pink!


Great day to spend time with your favorite people, and pets too!



Wearing my  Boho Wrap !

Wearing my Boho Wrap!

Functional fashion is key. Lizzy James wrap bracelets are creative, classic, and comfortable. Perfect for holiday outings!

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OH! DO NOT forget the chocolate bunnies!!


With so many things going on during this holiday, sometimes a simple family activity is hard to come by!

What inspires you? Have you ever thought of planting some beautiful flowers with your family?! It makes a great Easter activity that your whole family can enjoy for the rest of the year! It’s so easy too!

Take time to smell the flowers!

What you need…


-Seeds (make sure they in season to be planted)


-A Pot/Container    Great way to recycle old, funky wooden boxes (make sure it has holes on the bottom so water can drain from soil) *I drilled my own holes to use this container that I am reusing from an old bath and body gift set*


-Potting Soil


-Gloves/Shovel (optional!)



1.  Start with filling your container to the proper height for your seeds. (The seeds’ package will tell you, it can vary!)



2. Add water to the soil and mix until well saturated.



3. Dig proper size hole, according to your seeds’ directions. Then add seeds!



4. Fill the rest of the container with soil.



5. Add more water until evenly wet.



6. Wait 5 minutes, and BAM! Flowers! 


April Fools! Those are fake! ;)


7. Keep soil moist until sprouts appear, then water as needed and watch your Easter flowers grow with the people nearest and dearest to you!




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-Emily, Lizzy James Blog Editor