Lizzy James' Story


Lizzy James' Story

At the end of 2011, Lizzy James was at a crossroads. She had a successful career as a studio photographer, but was now unable to lift any of the equipment after a double mastectomy. It was time to switch careers. 

Jewelry making became her new calling. It became a creative outlet that helped her to deal with rigorous medical treatments. Her goal was to create affordable, practical pieces that easily transition from one outfit to another. After a ton of thought and much deliberation, the Lizzy Wrap bracelet and necklace was born. 

She converted her closed photography studio into a full-fledged jewelry store showcasing local artisan pieces, including her own. Her pieces flew off the shelves, and she knew she was onto something. 

Lizzy then decided to take her pieces to a trade show in San Francisco, CA, and the response was tremendous: Lizzy James Designs was the result. 

Watch the video below to see the story unfold!